Rod Whitacre went singing home to God on May 22, 2023.

Video Passage Guides


Walking Through Philippians: A Brief Guided Tour of the Greek Text

This series of 31 videos provides a guided tour of the Greek text of Philippians. The comments assume a knowledge of basic Greek. These videos do not provide a detailed study of the text. Rather, the focus is on sorting out the main features in the Greek and following the basic flow of thought. Some exegetical analysis is included, but several exegetical questions raised by the text are touched on lightly or not at all, and none are discussed thoroughly.

At this time this video playlist includes a few earlier experimental videos on very brief passages in the gospels, Isaiah, and Chrysostom. I had hoped to further revise the format and produce additional Guided Tours once the introductory book Learning Greek Passage by Passage was finished, but this was not to be.