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The IVP Commentary on the Gospel of John

Rodney A. Whitacre, John, IVPNTC (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1999).

The IVP New Testament Commentary series provides laity and preachers an accessible guide to the New Testament that discusses both the meaning of the text based on scholarly study and general suggestions for ways the text addresses us today.

The Gospel of John is among the most precious and profound writings that have ever existed, as I note at the beginning of the commentary (page 49).

We are at the outset of a story that will reveal to us the most profound mysteries of life. This story is simply about God, the glory of his character, the nature of his life and his desire to share that life with his creatures. It is about God come amongst us and the mixed response he received to his offer of divine life.

Perhaps of related interest is an article on 1 John that provides a brief summary of key points of theology in both John and 1 John. See “John and Theology,” under the tab for other resources.

The commentary is found on the InterVarsity website, Christian Book Distributors, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. It is available at BibleGateway (scroll down), but without the title page, preface, introduction, and footnotes.


A list of updates for John is available.

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