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Exploring Koine Greek Texts


Reading, Reflection, and Study

The agora at Corinth, with the foundation of the βῆμα (judgment seat) where Paul stood before Gallio, the Proconsul of Achaia (Acts 18).

An Overview of the Resources

Welcome! On this website I share some of the books and other resources I have produced over the years, as well as provide related supplementary material. Most of the material concerns the reading, study, and use of Koine Greek, but several other resources are offered as well, including (1) a parish teaching series on the Jesus Prayer, (2) an introduction to George Herbert’s use of Scripture in relation to biblical theology and ancient ways of living within Scripture, (3) a survey of major themes in Johannine theology organized around the two great affirmations that God is light and God is love, and (4) a series of 20 minute videos walking through the Book of Revelation.

After publishing my doctoral dissertation in the SBL Dissertation Series, Johannine Polemic: The Role of Tradition and Theology (Scholars Press, 1982), and a commentary on the Gospel of John in the InterVarsity New Testament Commentary series (InterVarsity Press, 1999), my further books have been focused on the study of Greek.

The first Greek book was A Patristic Greek Reader (Baker Academic, 2007, originally published by Hendrickson). This book is for people who want to explore Christian texts from the early church by reading them in Greek.

Next came Using and Enjoying Biblical Greek (Baker Academic, 2015). I began writing this book for former students who asked for help in getting their Greek back. I then expanded it to include suggestions for ways to benefit from Greek that those who have kept up their Greek might not have already explored, as well as ways to increase their ability to read Greek more fluently.

The most recent book, A Grammar of New Testament Greek (Eerdmans, 2021), is a beginning-intermediate grammar which includes both morphology and syntax. It is meant to be accessible to beginning students while also providing help for more detailed study of the language for intermediate students.

My final project, Learning Greek Passage by Passage: A Modified Text-Based Approach for Koine Greek, introduces students to basic Greek through a series of target passages. Students are directed to sections in A Grammar of New Testament Greek for the various points of morphology and syntax they meet in these target passages. I have posted resources for students and teachers to accompany the book’s publication.

For further details on these books as well as other Greek and non-Greek resources see the tabs above. I have provided lists of revisions, corrections, and additions for several of the books.

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