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General Greek Resources

This page provides a variety of resources for learning Greek.

Core Patterns for Greek Morphology

There are twelve core patterns that cover the basic forms of Koine Greek morphology. They fit on a single page, affectionately known as the Sneeze Sheet since it looks like someone sneezed on the page.

Some of the patterns are actual paradigms and others are sets of building blocks used in various paradigms. Memorizing the material on this page enables one to understand more easily the paradigms and recognize the parsing of words in passages.

In Using and Enjoying Biblical Greek I explain these patterns for those who have already learned Greek and are looking for a review. In Learning Greek Passage by Passage I introduce them to people who are just beginning to learn Greek. In A Grammar of New Testament Greek I also have beginners in mind, but include more advanced material as well. Thus these three books represent three approaches to these core patterns.

Videos for Morphology Review and Sorting Out Sentences

Chapter 3 of Using and Enjoying Biblical Greek provides an overview of basic Koine Greek morphology for those who have already learned Greek and want to review this material, making use of the Twelve Core Patterns mentioned above.

Chapter 4 and Appendix 1 contain several ways of marking and rewriting sentences or larger passages to aid in reading and analyzing them, including chunking, scanning, and mapping.

A series of 15 videos walk through this morphology review and introduce these tools for sorting out sentences and larger passages as presented in Using and Enjoying Biblical Greek.

Parsing Practice Pages

This list of various forms of words used in the New Testament provides practice in parsing nouns, adjectives, and verbs. An answer key is included.