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A Grammar of New Testament Greek

Rodney A. Whitacre, A Grammar of New Testament Greek (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans 2021).

This beginning-intermediate grammar includes both morphology and syntax and thus provides a comprehensive resource for reading and studying passages in Greek. It is especially focused on the information needed for reading the New Testament, but contains occasional help for reading more widely as well.

As a beginning grammar it is intended for those just starting out on their Greek adventure as well as for those who are trying to get back on the path after neglecting Greek for some time. Accordingly, it includes very basic material and more repetition and explanation than is sometimes included in intermediate grammars. It was originally written as part of the introductory method Learning Greek Passage by Passage, but then developed into a more detailed independent resource.

As an intermediate grammar this book is meant to be useful for second year students as they study the language in more detail, and also for all readers throughout their lives as they continue to read Greek, reflect on what they are reading, and explore texts exegetically, especially the New Testament.

A list of updates is available in several formats, including by page number, by date posted, and for printing front and back (flipping on the short edge) to produce a booklet that fits within a copy of the grammar. This list was most recently updated on August 15, 2022.

I offer further description of this book and how I came to write it on the Eerdmans blogsite, Eerdword.

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